Quranic verses Media package of Quranic projects

Board of Directors approved a Quranic verses Media package of Quranic projects, which will be launched within the plan to be implemented, according to the operational plan for this year, which stems from its global mission to spread the words of Rahman through all available media. Council pointed to the important role played by the media in directing people and guiding them to the ways of goodness, praising the great development witnessed by the group, under the frenetic competition in the media space, during the lifetime that does not exceed four years. This came during a meeting of the Board of Directors verses yesterday evening the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, headed by the imam and preacher of the Prophet's Mosque Appeals Court Judge Medina Sheikh Salah Bin Mohammed Budair, and in the presence of members of the Council.

The Board discussed the agenda during the meeting, and the development of regulations for the group's work, the adoption of the Statute of the channel verses space of the Koran, and to discuss the annual plan for the current year, and display financial budgets, and explain the details of festive "verses" on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of its launch, and the launch of new identity. He commended the Board of Directors on the role played by a member of the Governing Council, Sheikh Nasser bin Ali Peregrine and Sheikh Yasser bin Rashid Al Dosari, the establishment of this group, and their relentless search for their achievement to what we have reached.

The chief executive of the group, Sheikh Nasser Al that set verses though came late but it has become - thanks to God - compete at the forefront of satellite Quranic frequented by people to listen to the Quran, reminding honorably message followed by the group, which heard creation word Creator, and linking them to the jurisprudence of its meanings, and ponder its verses. The Peregrine many thanks to the members of the Board of Directors on their interaction and their response to the service of the book of God. A group verses has launched its activity in early 2009 m merrily large in the city of Riyadh, witnessed the most interested and specialists in the field of the Holy Quran and its Sciences, and launched through several institutions under one umbrella, are: Channel verses space of the Koran, and the Foundation signs for the production of audio and video, and Dar Signs for publication and distribution, and the specialized magazine verses, and the verses of the Centre for Studies and Consultations, and the verses Forum for readers of the Koran, and the unity of the verses of the electronic media, and verses of services through the new connection. The verses of the first group of specialized Arab and international media Quranic statement from the Ministry of Culture and Information in Saudi Arabia, and the idea of the establishment of the urgent need to contribute to the call of the Holy Quran, and deploy Tlawath over and all available.